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One of my favourite replica watches of all periods could be the instead outstanding UR-CC1 from URWERK. A remarkably remarkable timepiece that remind with the dashboards of cool 1960s cars and trucks. That is a minimum of section of your inspiration for URWERK's UR-CC1. 
A short while ago I found a photo of an previous Patek Philippe, that appears pretty much like the UR-CC1. Right after some extra research it appears to be a prototype, made by the late Louis Cottier and it absolutely was known as Cobra. That explains the CC in the identify; Cottier and Cobra. As well as grey gold and black gold variations of your UR-CC1 are nicknamed King Cobra and Black Cobra.
Following a little bit of  a search (you gotto love the web, since posts continue to be on the internet for just a looooong time, as where the paper version might have been recycled by now), I found an great article on Watchismo, providing significantly perception inside the advancement of URWERK's UR-CC1 and historical information about Patek's old prototype.
More then 60 many years back
In 1958 two guys, Gilbert Albert (who developed numerous 'odd shaped' replica watches for Patek) and Louis Cottier (the inventor of the worldtimer replica watches as we all know them today!) came with each other to style and design anything outrageous; the pretty first watch by using a linear time screen. This turned nothing considerably less then a technological headache of monumental proportions. In 1959 Louis Cottier utilized for any patent and that was it; no information when they received 'codename Cobra' to operate. The Patek Philippe Cobra located a location within the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva ever since.
Now fast ahead in time and energy to the calendar year 2006
URWERK or really Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner, had been serious about a view with a linear time show given that the early days of URWERK. The reasoning was place aside, until finally 2006 when Felix observed Hitchcock's motion picture 'Birds'. A close-up while in the movie displays the dashboard of an aged Dodge having a linear speedometer. This revives the previous notion, to establish a enjoy with a linear time screen. In the course of their investigate they stumble throughout the previous Patek Philippe Cobra which inspires them a lot more. Soon after three several years of study and 1 calendar year of testing the URWERK UR-CC1 is released. CC means Cottier Cobra, a homage to your first inventor.
The way it operates
Blessed for us, Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei were ready to make a performing check out with linear time display. The UR-CC1 signifies enough time by suggests of jumping hours and retrograde minutes. Both the hour and minute indicator are rotating cylinders.
The cylinder that indicates the hrs has twelve traces, each individual 'an hour' more time in comparison to the final against the linear scale of hours. This cylinder jumps for the next line at the conclusion of every hour. The minute-indicating cylinder may be the just one using the finer traces.
Thus far, so great, having said that it's not so simple as it seems. Remember that the UR-CC1 is actually very flat for these types of an advanced timepiece. This means that the standard movement with its gears really have to transfer the power to rotating the lengthy cylinders, which show hrs and minutes.
The facility is transferred by a so-called triple-cam (see image down below). This triple-cam rotates when each and every 3 hrs. With the aspect in the motion you'll be able to see a rack; this rack is set on the remaining end (in the impression) plus the other stop moves up and down due to the compact hook that may be hooked up for the triple-cam.
The side that moves up and down (in the graphic: the appropriate facet from the rack) is equipped with tooth that mesh with and rotate the moment cylinder.
Do you think you're even now with me? Positive hope so  The cylinder with minute indications does not create a whole rotation; it rotates just three hundred levels and after that it jumps back again for the commencing within 1/10th of the second. That is all pushed with the enamel at the end of the pivoting rack. After 1/3 rotation through the triple-cam, the rack drops, rotates the minute cylinder three hundred degrees back again to zero and at that instant a different equipment tends to make the hour cylinder rotates 1/12th of a rotation (i.e. thirty levels) to indicate yet another hour.
I could reveal extra concerning the utilized elements, that guarantee the required stiffness, lightness and cheapest feasible friction, but I'll depart that to maybe a subsequent tale.
Oh, and there's also the pneumatic shock-absorbing Rotor Fly Brake computerized winding technique that minimizes rotor and system dress in and hurt from shock and harsh movements! No concerns also for one more time
For now some photos! Many of the next photos are created by Ian Skellern.
And one very last photo what an unbelievable timepiece!
The value degree with the UR-CC1 is north of 200,000 CHF. More information about the UR-CC1 together with other URWERK timepieces are available about the URWERK web-site.
PS. Before long extra news about two exclusive pieces from the UR-CC1, keep tuned!
This text is written by Frank Geelen, executive editor for Monochrome replica watches.